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For Patients

Your Journey – Customized for You!

Every wellness journey is different. Find your path towards a healthier lifestyle with our customizable program.

If you're interested in wellness, you've probably noticed a growing buzz around the concept of metabolic health. But what does it mean to be metabolically healthy, and why is it important for your overall well-being? Learn more here.

Behavior Skills

Behavior Skills

What motivates you? Are you someone who perseveres when things get hard? You will learn so much about yourself and build skills to help you build new healthy habits that stick - once and for all.


Mindfulness Skills

There is overwhelming evidence that the utilization of mindfulness practices can benefit overall well-being. Throughout your journey, you will be introduced to a number of these skills and begin to build habits around them.


Biosense Device

Proprietary Breath Ketone Meter that measures fat oxidation via deep lung sampling. The Biosense tool provides receive biomarker feedback to validate your nutrition and lifestyle choices. This allows you to further customize your experience.

AI Vision 
Nutrition Tracking

AI Vision 
Nutrition Tracking

Research proves tracking nutrition boosts weight loss and health. Our food reality tool simplifies tracking - simply scan your food in real time for easy recording of macronutrients.


Glucose Measures

Monitoring glucose is not strictly for diabetics. There is a great deal of knowledge that can be gained about how food and lifestyle choices affect our metabolic health when we check the impact of those choices on our glucose.


Community Circles

You are not alone! Join a community circle filled with your peers for support, encouragement and accountability.
Get Motivated

Are You Ready for Change?

Are you ready to change the trajectory of your health? Whether you want to jump right in or need some time to prepare, Journeys Metabolic™ can meet you where you are. Discover your next steps by completing our readiness assessment.

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Your Personal Journey

Built For Sustainable Behavior Change

We understand that everyone learns differently and is motivated by different internal and external factors. Our onboarding process identifies the most effective path for you, leading to sustainable behavior change and improved well-being.


Proven Impact

Here are some of the many conditions that can be improved through Journeys Metabolic™.




Metabolic Syndrome

Abnormal Lipids


Fatty Liver Disease

Cognitive Function

Chronic Mood Disorders



Migraine Headaches

Autoimmune Conditions

Chronic Inflammatory Conditions


Low Back Pain





Obstructive Sleep Apnea

5+ years of results

Trust Our Proven Process

People like you have used our self-actualization protocol for more than seven years to achieve lasting results. Our clinically effective approach uses incremental change to help you reach major health milestones.

Learning Phase

The first four months of our program help you develop self-awareness, increased knowledge, skill-building, and implementation. During this time, you'll identify your ideal macronutrient goals, follow a Mediterranean approach to nutrition, and build new habits around key pillars of health.

Living Phase

In this phase, you'll continue your education while creating a lifestyle that runs on autopilot. As your health improvement continues, you'll begin to see the results of your commitment.

Leading Phase
(after 6 months)

After six months, a renewed you emerges! You're now living for your purpose and serving as an inspiration to those around you. Stay connected and continue using the tools you've learned to become a leader in your community.
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